Facebook Cowbirds

The cowbird is a bird that lays its eggs in nests of other species. It steals other birds’ nest space, then flies away, unconcerned. The cowbird, not being human, has no concepts of honor or compassion but acts on desire alone. Many couples experience times of unhappiness. In many cases, the couples resolve their problems and become closer and happier as a result. But Facebook has changed this on a scale far greater than the old type of affair. A man, feeling disconnected from his wife, will begin to look up old girlfriends on Facebook to help him feel good. These women, if they are unattached, unhappy in their own relationships, or just enjoying the spark of romance, respond fully to these men, whether sexually, emotionally, or both. An honorable woman would ask the man, no matter what their previous relationship was, if he and his wife had tried counseling, or had talked deeply. An honorable woman would tell the man that he must end his current relationship before he could be with her. An honorable woman would value commitment, and adultery would not be a thing lightly done. But for these women, no real thought is given to the wives who are being dishonored or perhaps badly hurt. No thought is given to children who may be harmed. No thought is given to a marriage, that, if left alone, might have healed fine. If thought is given it is superficial, or excused: We were meant for each other! The cowbird acts, by instinct, on desire alone. Facebook Cowbirds, the same.

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